The bard that fits in your pocket

Whether you need epic orchestral music for a fierce dragon battle or calming forest sounds for a peaceful evening read, Pocket Bard has you covered.

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Craft the perfect soundscape with interactive music and dynamic sound effects

  • Select a scene

    Choose from a variety of locations to set the mood for your story.

  • Seamlessly switch between gameplay states

    Choose from Explore, Combat, and Victory. Transition smoothly without interruptions.

  • Adjust the intensity

    Control the orchestration and arrangement in real-time using the Music Intensity Slider.

  • Fine-tune the weather and ambience

    Add weather and ambience sound effects to your location, and adjust their intensity and volume.

  • Adaptive sound effects

    The sound effects change based on your environment. Hear rain patter on rooftops in the Town, and rumble far away in the Dungeon Corridors...

  • Trigger one-shots

    Use one-shot sound effects for specific sounds and added impact.

Free and premium offerings

Enjoy hours of free, high-quality content right away. Upgrade to premium to access everything else, like Sci-Fi, Horror, and more!



A comprehensive catalog of High Fantasy music and sound effects.

  • Fantasy Essentials (14 Scenes)
  • A variety of sound effects



Access to all of the Pocket Bard content.

  • Everything in Free
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Seafaring
  • And more!

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Are the tracks royalty free? Can I use the app for streaming my games online?

      Yes! We own the rights to all the music, and you can use Pocket Bard for streaming. Please give us a shout out though, as it really helps us to grow, and continue to make the app better!

    • Is there a way to integrate Pocket Bard with Discord?

      Not directly, but we're working on a Windows version (currently in Closed Beta) to make Discord integration much easier. There are also some workarounds outlined in our Discord server.

    • What do I get from the premium subscription?

      In addition to all the free content, the premium subscription unlocks all other content, like Sci-Fi, Horror, and more! We're constantly working on new music and sound effects, and we also regularly go back and update the existing content!

    • How can I delete my Pocket Bard account?

      If you would like to delete your Pocket Bard account, you can follow the steps described on our Account Deletion page.

    • What platforms are supported?

      The Pocket Bard app is available on iOS and Android. We also have a Windows version in Closed Beta that we're excited to release soon! If you have a Silicon-based Mac, you can also download and run Pocket Bard from the Mac App Store!

    • Why is there a subscription rather than a one-time purchase model?

      We're committed to the long-term growth and improvement of Pocket Bard. In 5 years, we believe the app will look, sound, and feel very different than it does today. Everything always has room for improvement, and our vision is to create the best app and the best content we possibly can. We've seen other apps with one-time purchases fail to improve long-term because they have to keep releasing new, increasingly obsolete content just to stay in business. We don't want this to happen to us. We also want our free content, like Fantasy Essentials, to keep improving over time. The subscription allows those who can afford it, and want the extra content, to contribute to the development of the app in a way that benefits all our users, not just paying ones. We have a variety of costs associated with hosting, distributing, and improving all of the free content, and this lets us keep it free forever. There's also the accountability aspect - if our subscribers don't like how the app is progressing, or if a better product comes on the market, they can cancel at any time, as they should. Our goal is not to squeeze every dollar out of our users but to create the best possible app and content for our community.